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Order delivery or takeout from national chains, local favorites, and the best local restaurants near you.

Grubhub helps you find and order food from wherever you are. How it works: you type in an address, they tell you the restaurants that deliver to that locale as well as showing you droves of pickup restaurants near you.

Want to be more specific? Search by cuisine, restaurant name or menu item. They'll filter your results accordingly. When you find what you're looking for, you can place your order online or by phone, free of charge. Oh, and Grubhub also give you access to reviews, coupons, special deals and a 24/7 customer care team that tracks each order and makes sure you get exactly what you want.


Introducing Perks!

Download the Grubhub app to discover delivery deals, free food and rewards from local restaurants and national favorites. That’s right, all the deals you ever wanted are just a tap away with Perks. Even better, deals are updated every day, so you’ll always be able to discover something new.

Here’s what you get with Perks

  • Non-stop deals - Scroll through and see every deal and free item offered from restaurants near you.
  • Restaurant rewards - See which restaurants give you discounts for placing multiple orders, and make every delivery count!
  • Referral bonuses - Refer friends and get money for each one that tries Grubhub - right in Perks.

Here’s what you get with Grubhub+

  • Grubhub+ members get unlimited free delivery and more.
  • The most rewards from the most restaurants.
  • Get 10% Cashback, plus $10 for every $100 you spend.
  • Access to Grubhub+ Elite Care


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Top Ways to Save Money when Getting Food Delivered

Whether you’re a student or just starting your career, chances are, you’re short on time and cash. This can make food delivery services like Grubhub very appealing.

The challenge is, having food brought to your door can be expensive, and it adds up fast. This forces you to choose between your time and your money — something most of us could also use more of.

So in this post, we'll share some simple ways you can save money on services like Grubhub, so you can take advantage of their time-saving power more often.

Compare Prices

Many restaurants partner with more than one food delivery service. You might be surprised to learn that sometimes, you can get the same food for less money just by picking one company over another.

Always Look for a Promo Code

Every single time you order from a food delivery service, you should check to see if there’s a promo code. Food delivery is a very competitive business, and the major players regularly run discounts and promotions you can take advantage of.

Make Sure You Aren’t Double Tipping

Many food delivery services will sometimes include a driver tip when you check out.

In our experience, these default tips can be as high as 20%. So if you tip again at the door, you could be accidentally tipping 40% or more.

That’s admirably generous, and no doubt your driver will appreciate the love, but it’s probably not the best idea when you’re trying to save money. So, when you check out, look to see if a tip is already included. If so, you can modify or remove the tip if you’d rather give cash at the door.

Consider Getting a Delivery Subscription

If you order from food delivery services several times per month, you could potentially save big with a subscription plan.

The more often you use the service, the more value you’ll get from the subscription, which can be a great excuse to get healthy lunches delivered to the office or to start your next date night at home.

Eat well. Spend less.

Food delivery services are a great way to save time, you can get a great deal and use these services more often. It’s a great reminder that it’s totally possible to be smart with your money and still live like a boss.