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Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You deliver organic fruits & vegetables fresh from their fields to your doorstep.

The produce for their CSA boxes is grown on their second-generation farm named Capay Organic (located in Capay, CA, 40 miles northwest of Sacramento), and on neighboring partner farms. Their delivery trucks are well known among the locals here in Northern California.


Farm Fresh To You Farm Boxes

  • Fruit Only
  • Mixed Fruit and Veggie
  • No Cooking
  • Organic Snack Pack
  • Traditional CSA
  • Veggie Only

Farm Fresh To You Prices

The price of the boxes depends on the type and size of the picked box. Each box has a fixed price which will change if you decide to add some artisans. If you opt for a Fruit Only or No Cooking box you will pay $27.50 for a small-sized, $35 for a regular-sized, and $49 for a more-sized box. The same prices stand for Mixed Fruit and Veggie box too, but there's an additional size – monster – which costs $61.

The Organic Snack Pack also comes in four sizes, including mini which is $38, small which costs $65, a medium which is $90, and large which comes at the price of $118. The Traditional CSA and the Veggie Only boxes come in two sizes only – regular and more – priced at $35 and $49, respectively. Don't forget to grab a Farm Fresh to You promo code and get your box at a reduced price.


  • Weekly
  • Every Other Week
  • Every 3 Weeks
  • Every 4 Weeks

The Farm allows customers to create their own ‘never send' list, which is basically like giving that vegetable or fruit a life sentence.


Delivery takes place between 8pm the night before and 8am that day. Farm Fresh To You explained that this helps maintain the freshness of the delivery, since California weather is cool both overnight and in the early morning. It's a very interesting approach.

Is Farm Fresh To You worth it?

As we come to the end of our Farm Fresh to You review, it's safe to conclude that this delivery service is a great opportunity to incorporate healthy, 100% organic produce and farm products in your diet. The company provides a wide range of fruits, vegetables and carefully curated artisans, as well as convenient and flexible service, which is highly appreciated in many Farm Fresh to You reviews by customers. All in all, Farm Fresh to You is definitely a delivery service worth trying.


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Farm Fresh To You Benefits

An additional benefit of Farm Fresh to You is their excellent referral program. You will enjoy great savings, receiving a $25 account credit when you recommend the delivery service to your friends, and they join using your promo code. In return, they get $15 off their first delivery box, which proved to be a great start for many customers according to the Farm Fresh to You reviews. Moreover, Farm Fresh to You enables you to give a healthy gift to your loved ones. Choose the produce box that suits best their needs and selects the preferred amount of your gift card, ranging from $26 to $250.

By using Farm Fresh to You services, you are helping the community as well. The company has developed a School Fundraiser Program which enables each customer to raise funds for schools while enjoying healthy foods. In further support to the community, you can choose to donate a box full of fresh fruits and veggies to a family in need. There are four box sizes to choose from: small, regular, more, and monster. You will be able to set up the frequency of your donation (whether it's one time or recurring donation) as well as the box quantity and the food bank.