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Do you know how to keep your puppies happy by providing surprise gifts for monthly? Whether it may be the unique treats or toys or training. It seems to be a super combo for your puppies. But how can you get all those items from one pet shop or pet store for the best price? It is thinkable.

We'll talk about the benefits of using this fantastic “PupBox” subscription box that is suitable for your puppy to keep sharing your love and care on them.

PupBox is a subscription box company designed to give you age-appropriate pet products every month to help you raise a better puppy.


How Do You Sign Up for PupBox?

Once you navigate to the PupBox website, you can get started creating an account for your dog. You will first share their name, then their birth date, gender, size, and coat length. It's optional to add a pet photo, submit a short bio, and provide allergy information.

From there, you can see pricing information for a subscription. At the time of writing, a single box cost $39, a three-month membership was $34 per month, six-months was $32 per month, and an annual membership was $29 per month.

Each plan purchase enrolls you in an automatic subscription that you are charged for monthly.

Shipping is free throughout the United States and costs $5 within Canada.

Know About PubBox Subscription Box

Puppies always like to play with everyone for having some fun, and they expect you to be more affectionate on them. For that reason, a team of people introduces an excellent subscription box Service “PupBox” which comes with toys, treats and customized training information for your puppies. Each box comes with an innovative collection of accessories that based on the age of your puppies and its physical character. So you can choose the items for your pup's comfortable.

Here you will get the desired items by accessing the monthly box and also get the valuable training information that you just need to train your puppies by guiding like the best puppy parent as possible. Each box comes with best toys, chews, treats and essential handpicked accessories that based on your pup's physical character and age. When you sign up to this subscription, it recommends to log in your personal details to deliver the pack at the given address, and also it suggests to fill the pup's details for choosing the right products from the list to build you the perfect box quickly.

Features Of The PupBox Subscription Box

  • PupBox is the best subscription box service that you can access it for a monthly basis to keep surprising your puppies.
  • It is suitable for new and busy puppy parents, to give a fantastic gift.
  • Every subscriber will receive the monthly box which comes with training and development information that based on your puppy's age to improve the skill.
  • Each box includes 5 to 7 premium quality products special made in the USA.
  • All the box include one bag of USA training treats and 4-6 additional products.
  • All the items are based on physical characteristics and age of the puppy.
  • Every month you will get a different collection of items that may increase the joy of your puppies, and those are challengeable for puppyhood.
  • You can also keep training your puppy to complete the potty training and to improve the personal activities of the pup to develop better.


  • PupBox is the user-friendly subscription box for keep gifting your puppies with new toys, treats, accessories, and training.
  • Given instructions are easy to understand.
  • This subscription box offers 70% off for the first box using promo code.
  • Here you can get the subscription for 3, 6 0 12 months for your comfort.
  • It covers the shipping charges for all US-based subscribers.
  • If you are not happy with the product or not satisfied for any reason, you can easily cancel the subscription by following simple steps.


  • If you don't have an internet connection; sure you will not be able to access this PupBox Subscription Box.
  • Read the terms and conditions properly before accessing this box, or you will be stuck with some other problems in the future.


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PupBox Short Review

What Is PupBox?

The company began in 2014 when founders Ben and Ariel Zvaifler wanted to create a subscription product that would help pet owners adjust to the joys and challenges of raising a puppy.

The pair pitched their idea to Shark Tank in 2016, and the fledgling company was purchased by Petco in 2017.

PupBox's mission is to help you navigate the joys of puppyhood by providing you with top quality tools and resources to guide the growing up process. It's also possible to purchase PupBox for adult dogs if your pet has aged beyond the puppy years.

What's Inside a PupBox?

PupBox states that every box they ship contains five to seven premium products. This will always include a bag of training treats made in the United States and four to six other products selected for your pet based on their age and physical characteristics.

For instance, a puppy at the stage of getting housebroken might receive a pee spray, while dogs that are teething will likely get extra chew toys.

Other common products include grooming and training supplies. The company states that its products rotate monthly so that you won't receive the same thing twice.

Here's an example of all the products within one PupBox as well as their estimated value at the time of publishing.

  • Pet Shop-brand small gold tiara for Halloween: $5.95
  • Hachables Inside-Out dog toy that transforms from a bat to a pumpkin: $8.99
  • Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover: $12.95
  • Simply Fido Beginnings organic cotton chew toy: $9.99
  • Charming-brand lion squeaky toy made from recycled latex balloons: $8.25
  • Wellness Soft Puppy Bites: $4.49
  • Groom Genie Natural Pet Wipes: $2.95

The overall value of this sample box comes to $53.57, which is about $15 less than the cost of a single PupBox.

If you use most of the items within the box, you are getting a better value than if you bought them separately, especially if you sign up for a multi-month subscription.

Along with these products is a full training guide relevant to your pet's current stage of life. The guide will walk you through the current changes happening in your pet's development and how you can make the experience smoother through positive reinforcement techniques.

Are PupBox Products Safe?

Dog owners know that pet products range significantly in quality, and many low-cost options can be dangerous for your pets. Can you trust what comes in a PupBox to be safe for your pet?

You can share information about known food allergies on your pet's profile before signing up for a subscription, and the company will do its best to send you products that comply with it. It's best to contact the company directly if your pet's allergy isn't one of the listed options on the site.

PupBox states that they review the products they send out for safety and that they utilize a team of “puppy product testers” to ensure the toys are both fun and high quality.

Likewise, the company only distributes treats made in the United States, and their chews all come from the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, or New Zealand. Toys, on the other hand, are sourced worldwide.

PupBox states online that they don't provide any rawhide treats in their subscription boxes. The reason that rawhide is difficult for dogs to digest and often treated with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Your box will likely include rawhide alternatives instead, such as bully sticks, ears, and bones.

Can Adult Dogs Use PupBox?

Despite its name, your dog doesn't need to age out of PupBox. The company ships the subscription boxes to dogs of all ages and will provide you with less age-specific products for adult dogs, though the rest of the box's contents are personalized to your pet.

In many cases, you will also receive educational material on how to train your dog to master advanced training tricks.

Who Is Pupbox Ideal For?

We think that PupBox seems to excel at their niche of dog ownership - providing quality supplies to new dog owners.

The contents of the sample subscription box we looked at included supplies that would be useful for owning a small puppy, including soft treats, appropriately sized toys, and cleaning supplies.

Some of the box's products even had a season theme to fit with the time of year.

We think that PupBox makes sense for anyone who just got a puppy and is starting from square one in regards to supplies.