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FreshDirect is an online grocery store that delivers food right to your door. You shop online and a FreshDirect worker shops the company's own facility and fills your order.

This grocery delivery service that can help you save both money and time.

When shopping on the site, you can look for inspiration by browsing sections like "Fresh Deals" and "Top-Rated Produce" or check out the products with available coupons. You can also search for local ingredients, shop specifically for organic items, or order basic home necessities like toilet paper and Lysol wipes.

And just like a regular grocery store, they have both name brand and generic brand food items, specialty groceries, ready-made items, and party platters (plus wine, beer, and liquor in certain areas). Their array is as vast as any big box store would be - it's just much easier and faster to navigate.


Ordering groceries online has its advantages. It helps you stick to a list so you don't overbuy or get distracted by all the new ingredients you see, and it lets you search deals all in one place instead of running around the store. So you can build your weekly meal plan based on what's on sale.

Pricing and Fees

The standard minimum for most deliveries is $30 - and delivery fees range from $5.99 to $15.99. Usually the fees during peak delivery times are typically higher than early morning slots. There's also DeliveryPass, which costs $129 for the year and gets you free delivery

Where It's Available

FreshDirect is currently only available in a small portion of the East Coast including New York (all five boroughs) and parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, D.C., the Hamptons, and the Jersey Shore. (You can see a full listing of delivery zones and fees here.)

Time of Delivery

FreshDirect makes you choose a delivery window that is about two hours long. This means you have to hang around at home (or the office) and wait for them to arrive — so you need to make sure you have nowhere to go. Usually, the groceries seem to arrive towards the end of the delivery window. (If your time slot is between 10:00 to 12:00, expect a 11:45 delivery.) They're never late, but it rarely arrives within the first hour.

Unlike other grocery services (like Instacart), FreshDirect does not typically offer a same-day delivery option. Time slots fill up quickly, so you need to reserve a delivery time in advance - sometimes in a week.. Luckily you are able to edit your orders, so this isn't such a big deal.

Some items (like specialty beer) are only available to purchase in bulk or by the case - which can be a bit of a burden.

Other Things to Know

FreshDirect packs all of their groceries into reusable bags. You can either keep them for yourself or send them back the next time you place an order. (The delivery driver will take them back for you.) They also tend to package their delicate items (like glass jars or avocados) in special padding to prevent damage.

FreshDirect sends frequent emails with promo codes and other deals, so keep an eye out for these. Sometimes the deals can be pretty significant (like $25 off orders!) so they are worth checking out.


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FreshDirect Benefits

FreshDirect has a huge inventory of groceries. Some dishes you cook may require certain foods and brands, and FreshDirect always has them in stock. Whether that is frozen cornbread, wild mushrooms, Stove Top-brand stuffing, or whole vanilla beans, you can count on them to have it.

The Good and the Bad (or Spoiled)

Home delivery is great, especially when you live in a city where you have to walk and carry everything. But you may also have problems agreeing on a departure time that is suitable for your schedule. Also, the question of food safety always comes to mind - everything being fresh and whether perishable items were kept at the proper temperature in transit? Your orders can also come in huge boxes, it can be a lot of waste for you (and the environment).


  • To-your-door service
  • Big orders are easier to manage for city-living -- no carrying required
  • You can keep your budget in mind as you add (or subtract) items to your online cart
  • Nutrition information and food labels for all items are available online
  • Time saver: you don't need to go to the store and you can save weekly must-haves so they're always on your list


  • The food may not always be as fresh as if you went to the store
  • Scheduling a drop off time may be troublesome
  • Extra cost of delivery fees and minimum order requirements
  • If a customer service problem does occur, it may take longer to work out
  • Waste factor: lots of packaging