Shipt is a grocery shopping and delivery service. While there is a cost associated with it, you actually save money with grocery delivery. If you a busy parent who would rather do literally anything other than shop for groceries (like play with your child!), mean Shipt is definitely for you.


Reasons you will love Shipt grocery delivery:

  • You save by about $200 a month on products
  • You save 6 hours a month
  • You never have to step foot in a grocery store
  • The deliveries are always on time
  • The shoppers communicate well with you
  • Shopping substitutions and changes can be made on the fly

This service is perfect for:

  • Busy parents and working professionals
  • People who hate grocery shopping
  • Those who have a tenancy to splurge on things aren't on the grocery list
  • Anyone wanting to create more free time and cut spending


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Shipt - How Does This Work?

Think of the service personal shopping for groceries. You can choose how to be contacted. Your shopper even can told you about an in store promotion that allowed you to receive a free item when purchasing one of the items already on your list—bonus! Once your order will be delivered, you receive an adjusted receipt in your email inbox. You can request same shopper and if he/she's available and build a working relationship with them. All shoppers have had a background check done and are members of your own community working as contract workers for Shipt.

Shipt is membership based. You can join for $14 per month or $99 annually. If your order totals $35 or more then delivery is free. If it is less than $35, then a delivery charge of $7 will be applied. Tipping is not required but if your shopper goes above and beyond, you can tip if you like.

There are lots of ways to learn How to Save With Groceries Delivered To Your Door so here are a few pros and cons about the Shipt service.


  • If your have newborns child. If you have kids, remember those days of 3 hours of sleep and trying to get everything together just to make a seemingly simple trip to the store?
  • If you or a family member has just had surgery or are sick but still need groceries for your family. Order online and have them delivered to your house!
  • If you care for a parent or other family member and they have service in the area, you can even have groceries delivered to them!
  • Save time and there's no more fighting the crowds. Whether your motivation is to avoid the sometimes madness at the grocery store or just to save time so you can do other things you enjoy, Shipt's service will help you do both!
  • Meal Planning! This type of service helps with budgeting because you are less likely to impulse buy when you are adding items to your list based on your menu plan for the week. The app also includes sale items.
  • Having a party? Add a special request to add deli trays to your order and it's like your own personal caterer coming to your house but usually for a lot less money!
  • View Your Order History. Another great feature is the "Buy Again" category. This shows all of the items you have purchased in the past, making it easier to find items you buy on a regular basis.


  • Can't impulse buy. We know we said this was a pro but sometimes it might be ok to impulse buy.
  • Shoppers cannot purchase alcohol or tobacco products. May not be a big deal to everyone but if that's something you want, you'll need to go to the store yourself for those items.
  • You may find that some grocery item prices are slightly higher than if you shopped yourself. It's not across the board necessarily but just a heads up!
  • The fees. Since this service is a convenience, you'll pay for the service. But you can take advantage of the referral fees and tell your friends about it. If they sign up using your code, you will receive a referral credit on your next order!

More Jobs

The great thing about technology changing the way we live is the creation of more jobs. With these store-to-door grocery-delivery services popping up, a new category of jobs is opening.

Pro Tip! You can tip right through the app by choosing one of its suggestions or entering your own amount.