Dinnerly  Guacamole Burger with Mexican Homefries
Dinnerly  Fried Shrimp Plate with Homemade Slaw & Tartar Sauce
Dinnerly Black Bean Tacos with Crema & Tomato-Garlic Salsa


Dinnerly is a spin-off of the more foodie-focused Marley Spoon meal kit service that aims to provide customers with the time-saving convenience of a meal kit but at an affordable price. It cuts a few corners - no recipe cards, no marketing campaigns, limited ingredients - in order to keep costs at about half of what other meal kit companies typically charge. For those who don't have the time and energy for meal planning, shopping and spending an hour at the stove, and who don't have the budget to spend the typical $10 per serving. At only $4.49 per serving, it's Dinnerly to the rescue.

But are the meals as delicious as they are budget-friendly?


Is Dinnerly cost-effective?

The portion sizes that Dinnerly sends are definitely bigger than the portion sizes that we tend to eat, which means that the four-person box can feed six of us.

So, if you got a Dinnerly box as an alternative to takeout or fast food, it saving you money. And you are likely to be healthier.

Is Dinnerly organic?

In the boxes I've received, there have been multiple organic ingredients (including organic ground beef), but the boxes are not 100% organic.

Where does Dinnerly deliver?

Dinnerly delivers almost everywhere in the U.S.!

The only places they don't cover are Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming, New Mexico and also most of Arizona.

What We Like

  • Cheapest meal kit around
  • Prep work is fast and easy

What We Don't Like

  • Recipes are basic and not very flavorful
  • No recipe cards included
  • No options for restricted diets such as vegan, keto and paleo
  • Shipping isn't free


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Dinnerly vs. Every Plate

Both Dinnerly and Every Plate offer budget-friendly meal kits. Both companies charge extra for shipping ($8.99), and both specialize in easy, familiar meals that take 30 minutes to cook. However, Dinnerly offers a few more options - 14 recipes compared to 8 each week. And Dinnerly allows families of four to order three, four or five meals, whereas Every Plate offers just one option - three meals - when you need to serve four people.

Final Verdict

Better than fast food

Dinnerly doesn't offer meals so delicious you'll crave them later, but they are tasty enough, built on fresh foods and whole ingredients, and they don't take much effort at all to prepare. In other words, they're a healthful alternative to takeout. If you're on a tight budget and tight schedule, Dinnerly makes life a little easier since you don't have to think about what to make for dinner and worry about how much it will cost. However, customer service is lacking, the delivery service window is narrow, and we wish the meals were more flavorful, which is why we landed on the star rating we did.